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Experience our Microsoft Word training courses at your business location in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine & northern New England. We bring the classroom to you. [More info here]

Microsoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & MassachusettsOur instructor led, on-site Word training classes with Uhas Computer Training include the topics that you need for the real world, not just the topics in a store-bought training manual. Word courses by our Microsoft Certified Application Specialist include a manual created for your class, for your needs!

Anyone who can type can create a simple Microsoft Word document. Do you want just a “simple” document? Or do you want professional looking documents that will make you look like a professional?
If you wonder what topics your employees can learn that can improve their Microsoft Word documents, then ask these questions:

  • Do your employees use Microsoft Word like it is a typewriter with word wrap?
  • Do your employees create and reuse templates?
  • Do your employees manually format everything to make it look the way they want or do they know how to create, modify, and apply styles so you have a consistent look from one document to another?
  • Do they know how to copy formatting by using the Format Painter?
  • Are graphics that are needed in a Word document difficult to work with?
  • Do they use consecutive “Tabs” and maybe the spacebar to get “columns” to line up?
  • Do they know how to add a Table to a document? What about adding an Excel spreadsheet in a Word document?
  • Can they do a Mail Merge so the same letter, e-mail or envelop is personalized for the recipient?
  • Do they struggle with Headers and Footers? And what about adding Page Numbers?
  • Do you ever need a Table of Contents or an Index added to a document?
  • If you are a law firm, can your employees add a Table of Authorities without having to type it all?
  • A long list of bulleted or numbered items might only fill the left side of the page. Can your employees format the list so it appears in two or three columns?
  • If you are working with a draft copy of a document, can you or your employees turn on the Track Changes feature and then “Accept” or “Reject” the changes as needed?

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