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Uhas Computer Training Philosophy

“Microsoft Training Customized to Meet the EMPLOYEE’S Needs”

Our company philosophy begins with individualized Microsoft software training, even in group training classes. Our suggested ideal software training class size is ten or fewer employees, allowing for meaningful individual help and interaction. In our hands-on approach to teaching detailed topics, the learning process utilizes real life projects to help the employee better understand, relate, and apply the material to their job.

Microsoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Uhas Computer Training believes that a training course should meet the employee’s needs. Complimentary interviews of prospective employees and or their managers, in their work areas, allow for actual documents to be reviewed to determine what training software and topics should be incorporated into the training classes. Determining how much somebody knows and what is required is the first step to customizing a course that is adapted to the individual and company’s needs.

“Stock software training manuals do not truly provide for the employee’s needs.”

Our classes are presented in half-day sessions allowing the employee to get only as much information that can be absorbed in one sitting, thus eliminating “information overload.” This also allows the employee to be available for work for at least half of the day so that the business continues to function smoothly. Once the employee is back at their work area, they can begin to apply their newly learned skills. For learning to be most effective, each student receives a detailed step-by-step reference manual, which covers the material included in the class and is a quick look-up source.

Also, Uhas Computer Training offers employees individual, project specific training at their own desks using actual company documents and applications, thus allowing the learning process to be the most meaningful — new skills immediately applied to the job.

Each employee is given the opportunity to review the class topics by completing ‘Homework’ assignments that are included at the end of their manual. When the homework files are e-mailed to Uhas Computer Training, the files will be reviewed for accruacy and the student will be notified how they did and given ideas on how to inprove/correct their work.

Uhas Computer Training firmly believes that follow up and client satisfaction is of prime importance. Regardless of the time since the class was held, if an employee has a problem or question related to the material learned, we offer phone and/or e-mail support.