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“I had the pleasure of attending one of Gretchen’s classes on Excel training at the beginning of December.  I went into the class thinking I wasn’t going to get much out of it because I was confident in my excel skills.  Boy did that change!  Gretchen taught me so many quicker ways to do things with tips as small as key shortcuts, to as big as redesigning pivot tables and macros!  Since attending the excel class, I have been able to save myself about 3 hours of work per week by streamlining existing spreadsheets.  Gretchen was not only available during the class to answer questions, she is quick to return phone calls and emails after as well.  Gretchen has recently assisted me to create a spreadsheet that will track company clothing orders.  I went from using 3 different excel sheets with multiple tabs each to using ONE excel sheet with a few tabs that now tracks orders, by company, by employee, as well as budgets! She also showed me how to auto populate sizes, color and costs to the options available to each article ordered!  AMAZING!  One thing I love about Gretchen is that if she isn’t exactly sure on how to make something easier for me, she will dig and research on her own time until she gets an answer sure to satisfy.  Her enthusiastic approach and positive outlook on things make her so much fun to work with.  I look forward to attending her Excel Pivot Training class in the spring to learn more handy tips!”
– Brittney Therrien, Clarke Companies

“Gretchen is now my sole resource for computer software training at Emerson. All our employees love taking her classes and her style allows everyone to learn what they need to be productive. Gretchen is talented, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to have onsite. She is able to teach any subject to any level student with a personalized curriculum based on your needs and goals. If you need training of any kind, Gretchen Uhas should be first on your list of options!”
Sharon Silva-Lamberson, Office Manager at Emerson Hospital

“Thank you for the Office 2007 overview presentation. I am happy to say that it made it very easy for me today when Office 2007 appeared on my computer! For an individual such as myself who is a “creature of habit,” it is a major compliment. My class was on the 14th. As you can see, some time has lagged since the class, yet it was still painless!

The shortcut icon bar on the top left is the best feature ever! Many individuals around me did not go to the overview. I have been showing them this function and they love it! Keep up the good work!”
Diane Giroux, Elbit Systems of America (Kollsman)

“I just wanted to tell you thank you once again. I am already done doing commissions. It is unbelievable to me to get done so fast with your pivot tables. Commissions used to take me ALL DAY. Thank you so much!”
Cheryl Hodges, Shadows Of New England

“The staff of NH Made was in awe of how much they learned from Gretchen in just a few short hours. Her enthusiasm for sharing her incredible wealth of information was infections as she taught us exactly what we needed to know and how to put it to work for our organization. I have never been to a presentation that was so clear, concise, and well-paced. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get more done with Microsoft Office!” – Laurie Ferguson, Executive Director, NH Made

“We used Uhas Computer Training to train a number of our staff in various Microsoft products in 2007, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Gretchen is a Master Trainer, and a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. Her training classes, which I also attended, were very informative and filled with energy. She tailored the programs to our direct needs, and the staff evaluations were remarkably high. In addition, the improvement in the skill level of our employees using Microsoft is evident. The materials provided to us were extremely professional, and very useful as a continued reference tool. Gretchen remained accessible after the training and was always quick to respond to our questions. We will definitely use her again the next time we need such training, and I highly recommend her and Uhas Computer Training to any organization. Great Job, Gretchen. Thank You.” – Pam Walsh, Training Manager, Crescent Credit Union

“Just wanted you to know that I used some of your tricks today to assist a co-worker. Thanks again for such memorable training. I can feel more confident in using my Excel spreadsheets now.” – Sherry L. Paige, Rural Development Specialist, Montpelier Area Office, USDA Rural Development

Should any of the situations below sound familiar, please contact us to schedule your no-obligation evaluation of your computer software training needs.

Problem: “We had been looking at external educational programs and courses to meet our varied needs for staff development.”

What the client says: “Uhas Computer Training is the find of the year for the Emerson Hospital Fiscal Services Department! We had been looking at external educational programs and courses to meet our varied needs for staff development in the use of Microsoft Excel and Access. We found course times and locations to be inconvenient and costs well beyond our budget. Then we found Gretchen Uhas.

Gretchen’s training sessions are tailored to meet OUR needs, OUR schedule, OUR budget. Before starting any training, she devoted a day to get to know us, meeting with each staff member individually to assess skill levels and match software function with job requirements. She brings laptops for each class participant, each loaded with easy-to-follow tutorials. She leaves behind written reference manuals and her phone number in case we have questions. Training is interactive, entertaining, and best of all effective! We couldn’t be more satisfied.” Gail Allen, Director – Financial Planning, Emerson Hospital, Concord, Massachusetts

Problem: “My company does not have the time to learn all the details necessary to complete a critical project.”

Solution: Hire Uhas Computer Training to create the documents that are needed, and then let them train you on how to implement those documents.

What the client says: “At BTU International we are fortunate to have Uhas Computer Training. We have relied on Gretchen Uhas’ expertise and educational skills for many years. She is not only the most effective and knowledgeable source for all our individual and group computer applications training, we also use her as an extension of our administrative staff to do project work. All her work exceeds expectations, is fast and delivered with a smile. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have access to the services of Uhas Computer Training.” Jolanda Creech, Corporate Support Manager,
BTU International, Inc., No. Billerica, Massachusetts

Problem: “We need flexibility with our computer training classes. We did not want to send employees off site for a full day of classes.”

Solution: Uhas Computer Training offers half day on-site classes. Two different groups of employees can attend a class in one day. The classes can be customized to meet the specific training needs of the company.

What the client says: “Gretchen has proved to be our best PC instructor! She creates an environment that is both fun and informational. She has a genuine love for teaching and displays great enthusiasm in all the classes she has delivered. All levels of users have found Gretchen most helpful and knowledgeable and the class content very applicable to their needs.”
Amanda Cook, Training Coordinator, Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH