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Microsoft Software Training in New Hampshire

Below is a list of our current Microsoft software training programs for New Hampshire businesses. Call (603) 654-9076 or email us today for instructor-led, customized software training for your employees or yourself!

Microsoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Microsoft Access®
Access is a Microsoft software product that is primarily a data management tool (database software). Access has tools to enter, edit, and index data and to retrieve it via custom forms and reports. [More info]

Microsoft Excel®
Excel is the Microsoft Office spreadsheet program that you can use to perform numerical calculations and bookkeeping tasks. [More info]

Microsoft Outlook®
Outlook is the Microsoft Office personal information manager and communication program; e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other personal and team information.[More info]

Microsoft PowerPoint®
PowerPoint is the Microsoft Office presentation graphics program that aids in the creation of professional-looking presentations. PowerPoint handles text, outlines, drawings, graphics, and clip-art in the design of presentations and ‘slide-shows’. [More info]

Microsoft Word®
Word is the Microsoft Office word processing system that you use to create, edit, format, and save documents.[More info]

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