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Experience our Microsoft PowerPoint training courses at your business location in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine & Northern New England. We bring the classroom to you. [More info here]

Microsoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & MassachusettsOur instructor led, on-site PowerPoint training classes with Uhas Computer Training include the topics that you need for the real world, not just the topics in a store-bought training manual. PowerPoint courses by our Microsoft Certified Application Specialist include a manual created for your class, for your needs!

I am sure you have heard the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”.  Our goal is to teach your employees how to create a PowerPoint presentation that will help emphasize the message of the presentation and will support the speaker.
The basics are taught so slides can be created with these elements:

    • Bulleted Lists
    • Numbered Lists
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Pictures
    • SmartArt Graphics
  • Media Clips

Other topics might include:

    • Working with the Header/Footer
    • Creating landscape and portrait slides in the same presentation (hyperlinks)
    • Rearranging Bulleted Lists
    • Rearranging Slides
    • Working with Fonts in the presentation
    • Use the ruler and setting tabs
    • Using the Slide Master to give the presentation a uniform look
    • Using the Drawing Objects
        • Draw lines, ovals/circles, rectangles/squares
        • Rotate objects
        • Adjust the object’s shape
        • Attach text to the shape
        • Resizing objects
        • Arrange objects
        • Group objects
      • Customize outline colors and styles
    • Work with WordArt
    • Create a Slide Show
        • Add slide transitions
        • Add animation to text and objects
        • Hide a slide
        • Rehearse timing for a slide show
      • Spell check
    • Assign an Action to an object or text
    • Create a custom background
    • Create a Template
    • Run a slide show
      • Use the Pen
    • Printing the presentation
  • Packaging the presentation

Throughout the PowerPoint training, best practices are discussed so when a presentation is completed, those attending will all agree “What a great presentation that was!”  Call (603) 654-9076 or email us today for instructor-led, customized software training for your employees or yourself!

Contact Uhas Computer Training for more information about courses and scheduling. Thank you for your interest in Uhas Computer Training.