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Experience our Microsoft Outlook training courses at your business location in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine & Northern New England. We bring the classroom to you. [More info here]

Our iMicrosoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & Massachusettsnstructor led, on-site Outlook training classes with Uhas Computer Training include the topics that you need for the real world, not just the topics in a store-bought training manual. Outlook courses led by our Microsoft Certified Application Specialist include a manual created for your class, for your needs!

Yes, Microsoft Outlook can send and receive e-mail but it can help you by doing so much more!


  • Mail can arrive and automatically go to a folder you designate based on the sender, the subject, words in the body, etc.  You set up the rules on how you want Outlook to handle your incoming or outgoing e-mails!  Perhaps you want e-mails from an individual forwarded to another employee, or flag it for follow up – moving it to a specific folder is only one option you have.
  • When you need to save e-mails but they are no longer current, you can learn how to archive them so they can later be opened in Outlook but are not currently taking up space in your Outlook file.
  • You will also learn how to save just one e-mail, with its attachments if there are any, to a folder where you store Word document or Excel workbooks with the same topic.
  • Outlook 2010 allows us to see emails in “Conversation View” and then you can easily clean up conversations that have redundant information;  this occurs when e-mails go back and forth with all the prior messages still in the e-mail.  You can eliminate the need to review past messages and delete them one by one.
  • Send a message as a text message to a cell phone.

Contacts – More than just an address book

  • Learn how to keep Contact information so you can easily find a contact.  Add categories to contacts so you can filter and see only specific contacts based on the category you applied.
  • Create Distribution Lists/Contact Groups (in 2010) of contacts you frequently send the same e-mail or meeting request.
  • Create a Word Mail Merge document from your contacts folder

Calendar – Let your calendar work for you:  Learn:

  • How to categorize appointment and use color to display the category
  • How to share your calendar with a co-worker
  • Schedule meetings and check attendees’ availability before you send the invitation.  Before the meeting, check to see who is coming and who is not able to attend.
  • Create Calendar Groups (Outlook 2010 only)


  • Work with Tasks, create recurring tasks, and even assign a task to a coworker
  • Learn the difference between a Task and a Flagged e-mail message

Custom Forms

  • If you are sending the same e-mail week after week, learn how to create a custom form that is the e-mail with the names filled in the To: section, if needed.  Just tweak the subject or attachment and you are set to send.
  • Are you frequently copying an appointment on your calendar to use again and again … create a custom calendar appointment form.

This list is just a few of the ways an Outlook class can help you and your employees.

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