With just a few setting changes, you can open the screen on your monitor to allow for more space for your Excel Dashboard:

On the View Ribbon, in the Show section, remove the check mark from:

  • Gridlines
  • Formula Bar
  • Headings

Click the File tab, then Options.  On the left select Advanced.  Scroll to the section “Display options for this workbook”.  Remove the check mark from:

  • Show horizontal scroll bar
  • Show vertical scroll bar
  • Show sheet tabs  [NOTE:  if you need to move to another sheet, perhaps you have several worksheets with different dashboards, use CTRL + PgDn to move to the worksheet to the right and CTRL + PgUp to move to the worksheet to the left.]

Collapse the Ribbons by double clicking on a Ribbon tab.

You now have an uncluttered screen to display your Dashboard!