My daughter phoned one day to ask how she could add an empty row between each row of data in Excel.  This is a quick and easy solution: 

  1. Insert a column to the left of Column A
  2. In the empty column enter “1” in the row with the 1st row of data
  3. AutoFill the number down
    Insert an Empty Row 1
  4. At the bottom of the screen by the Column A, click on the AutoFill options box and select Fill Series
  5. The series is selected from 1 to whatever the last row would be numbered. Copy that selected series.
  6. Press Ctrl + down arrow to go to the bottom of the data and then go down 1 cell to the 1st empty cell below the series and Paste.
    Insert an Empty Row 2
  7. You now have numbered the data from 1 to x and 1 to x.
  8. Sort the data by column A and then by column B
    Insert an Empty Row 3

Tada!  Every other row is blank.

HINT:  Do not delete column A yet.  Perhaps you would use the Group feature to hide it.  When you want to resort so you do not have every other row empty, column A will be the “bridge” you need to sort all the data.  Simply sort by any column other than column A.