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Q. Where is Uhas Computer Training’s training center?
A. Uhas Computer Training provides “on-site” training labs at your location throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine & Vermont.
We set up a training lab on-site using our notebook computers and your conference room. Employees can attend a class for 3 to 4 hours and still be available to work for the balance of the day.

Q. In what service area do you offer your programs?
A. We travel throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine & Vermont, all northern New England.

Q. How long is a class?
A. We offer classes in either 3 or 4 hour segments. If a class needs to be longer than 4 hours, we will hold two or more classes on separate days. Our goal is to prevent the employee from getting information overload often experienced after spending an entire day in a classroom.

Q. How many people are in each class?
A. The actual number of employees in a class is determined by the client. We prefer a class size ten or less – this allows for individual help and interaction. Employees can also receive individual project specific training at their desks using actual company documents and applications. This allows the learning to be the most meaningful – new skills are immediately applied to the job.