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Request Information about the Excel® Dashboard Institute UHAS Computer Training New Hampshire & MassachusettsWHY EXCEL® DASHBOARD TRAINING?

Many executives, while trying to simplify data analysis, often find themselves dealing with data and information overload. Data is one of the most valuable assets owned by a business and one of the tools used to analyze the data include a Dashboard.

Some of the benefits of creating and using Dashboards include:

  • Providing a full, at-a-glance picture by including all the relevant data in one place
  • Allowing everyone to be on the same page by looking at the same set of numbers and the same key metrics
  • The ability to perform an accurate business analysis
  • Ability to tracking progress and show improvement by measuring the same things, consistently over time

Much of a business’s data is either in Excel® or easily downloaded into Excel®; it makes sense to use Excel® to create your business Dashboard. There is no need to purchase a 3rd-party software program. You already own and use Excel®!
You don’t have to be an Excel® “geek” to create a Excel Dashboard!

  • The “Just a Dashboard” class will teach you how to use PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Slicers to create an interactive Dashboard.
  • If you are an experienced Excel® user, then “The Series” might be the option for you. There are four levels of training in “The Series”. Each level includes charting, formulas & functions to summarize the data, form controls, PivotTables, and more.  Pick the topics you need and I’ll create a custom class to match.

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  • Dashboard Institute: Just a Dashboard
    • One 6-hour class with a concentration on:
      • Creating and customizing PivotTables
      • Creating PivotCharts
      • Adding Slicers for filter & connecting to multiple PivotCharts
  • Dashboard Institute: The Series
    • Four 6-hour classes with a concentration on:
      • Creating and customizing Charts
      • Using formulas to summarize the data for charting
      • Creating and using Form Controls
      • Creating PivotTables and related items
    • The topics in each level increase in difficulty/complexity


  • Let me create your dashboard and train you how to use and maintain it!

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