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NOTICE:  Effective May 1, 2020, Gretchen Uhas is retired from computer training. 

After May 1 she will be available for special projects on a limited basis.

Eventually will not work so make note of to contact Gretchen.

Thank you for your support over the past 17 years.

Microsoft Software Training

“Microsoft Training Customized to Meet the EMPLOYEE’S Needs”

Uhas Computer Training provides on-site, instructor-led Microsoft software training for Microsoft Office® –  Access®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and Microsoft Word®.

Microsoft Office Master Instructor Uhas Computer Training in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

We travel throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts & New England to hold classes at YOUR site; we bring the classroom to you.

Instructor-led software training offered for the following Microsoft ® Products:

How will your employees benefit when you select Uhas Computer Training for your Office training?

First, you are getting a trainer with over nineteen years’ experience. Gretchen Uhas holds the Microsoft Office Master Instructor certification for Office 97 to 2007 and Microsoft Office Master for Office 2010. She is a specialist in one software package, not a generalist who knows a little about many different packages. She is able to add depth to the topics in a class because of her expertise.

Classes are held at your location in half-day segments. The goal with half-day classes is to prevent “training overload” that students get from being in a ‘packaged’ class for the full day. If the class requires a full day of training, then the second half-day session is held on another date, often a week later. Uhas Computer Training provides the training lab – PCs, projector, and screen (if needed).

Classes are created based on the topics that you determine are needed for your employees to more efficiently do their work. A customized manual is created to match the course topics. Each attendee in the class receives a manual along with the sample files used during the training.

Lastly, HELP is not limited to the time that the class is held. At the end of the manual is a homework section, which allows the employees to review topics from the class. Employees can phone, text, or email for help after the class is over. There is no time limit for this offer to help.

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Uhas Computer Training
“Microsoft Training Customized to Meet the EMPLOYEE’S Needs”